About Us

We create enriching

Accurate solutions

Kame Code was born as a response to the lack of solid, clear, and responsible offer of informatic services for the general public. We believe that it does not need to be complicated to get quality computing and creative solutions.
Our web development agency offers a 360° approach, oriented towards the experience, performance, and security needs of our clients.
In Kame Code we focus in carrying out strategical projects, taking into account not only your expectations, but also, responding to the latest trends in technology and the aesthetic avant-garde.

Talent and effectiveness

Our team is made of mixed profile talents. Young professionals passionate about our work in technology and IT and obsessed with effectiveness.
We are passionate about rethinking the way that everyday things work. There is always a better way and we work hard to find it.

Passion and commitment

It's simple, we love what we do.
We love technology and we are happy to share this with our customers, making our tiny contribution to the reaching of their goals. That is why we develop totally adaptable and scalable products and services that accompany your growth.

Attention and planning

LThe passion we feel about our professions is reflected in the commitment we have with every project. No matter the size, the activity or the difficulty, we are always alert to your needs with the aim of offering you customized solutions, without wasting any time or money.
We plan our timetable and the customer service to each particular case, assigning the right professionals to design and develop the strategies needed for any challenge.